BI Services and Solutions
“Made to Measure”

BI for Business Integrity teams work with clients to design solutions that are “made to measure” based on the risk profiles of their specific projects. They draw on a toolbox of core BI service offerings:

Respect for Ethical Principles and “Soft Law” Guidelines

Mapping of key international “soft law” principles, guidelines, codes of conduct and standards that apply to a project or supply chain. We consider a multiplicity of instruments including the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights, the OECD Guidelines for multinational enterprises, the International Finance Corporation Environmental and Social Performance Standards, the Equator Principles and safeguards processes of international development banks. We also design implementation programs.

Community Engagement, Remediation and Mediation Services

Bi for Business Integrity - Mediation (PDF)

Advising corporate clients on the design of community engagement programs that create a climate favouring open dialogue and conflict prevention. In cases where projects have negative social and environmental impacts, we work with business organizations to design remediation programs and grievance procedures that mitigate damage, give communities a voice and provide fair compensation. As external advisors, we focus on ensuring independent governance and transparency of the remediation process, in line with United Nations guidelines on “access to remedy” and the fundamental legal principles of equity.

Our teams can support interventions with professional mediation and legal advisory services. We believe that an ounce of prevention is worth many pounds of litigation.

Human Rights Due Diligence and Governance Processes

Guidance on emerging soft law and legal guidelines requiring “human rights due diligence” and social impact assessments for major projects. Advice on adjustments to corporate and project governance processes.

Legal Compliance and Liability

Mapping legal compliance obligations, notably “non-financial” reporting requirements in the United States and Europe. Guidance regarding respect for a growing body of international human rights law, notably European case law. Customized advice on the potential liability of businesses under international public law, including international humanitarian and criminal law.

Legal Advisory and Representation Services

Forward-looking advice on regulatory and litigation risks across a wide range of national and international jurisdictions. We can draw on the expertise of a network of international lawyers. Law firms in the network can provide legal representation, investigation and litigation services, if required.