BI Risk Diagnostics
“Made to Measure” Risk Profiles

BI for Business Integrity experts work with clients to do initial risk diagnostics and develop risk profiles for specific investment projects, business operations, communities supply chains and geographic regions.

Our risk assessment teams have cross-disciplinary expertise, enabling them to offer incisive advice and professional opinions across the full spectrum of risk:

Risk Profiles

All these variables are factored into BI risk profiles, which are “made to measure” for each client. We use the risk profiles, in turn, to assemble BI consulting teams and to design risk management solutions for clients, both of which are also “made to measure”.

Independent and Cross-Disciplinary: The ambition of the BI team is to provide clients with independent, critical perspectives on the full spectrum of environmental and social risks, including emerging human rights risks. To achieve this aim, we mobilize cross-disciplinary teams of experts.