Independent Thinking about the Spectrum of Risk

Our ambition is to provide clients with independent, critical perspectives on the full spectrum of environmental and social risks, including emerging human rights risks. To achieve this aim, we mobilize cross-disciplinary teams of experts.

Legal Rigour, Business Insight, Social Responsibility

Legal Rigour

BI grounds its risk assessments and solutions in the rigorous analysis of material legal risks, compliance requirements and developments in case law that are relevant to clients. At the same time, we shape legal advice to help reduce social and business risks – and to help clients achieve strategic business objectives.

Business Insight

Often, we counsel clients that “prevention is better than litigation” as the preferred method of managing legal and business risk. In the same vein, we advise that open dialogue with stakeholders tends to reduce project and business risk, even when it may raise concerns about legal liability.

Social Responsibility

We believe that earning a Social License to Operate creates a solid foundation for effective risk management.

The ideal BI solution ensures that a project earns both legal and social licenses to operate, accepted by public authorities, private business partners and a broad range of civil stakeholders.