BI for Business Integrity & Partners LLC is a consulting group that offers legal and business advisory services in the field of corporate social and environmental responsibility.


Assess the Full Spectrum of Risks

Strengthen Strategic Relationships


Disciplined management of social and sustainability issues is, we believe, a critical element of sound business practice. It can also significantly reduce core business risks for corporations and their commercial partners.

We assess the full spectrum of legal, social, human rights and related business risks. We advise multinational enterprises, investors and financial institutions about their social risk exposures in developing countries, including weak governance zones and regions with high conflict risk.

We also assess risks for specific economic development projects, looking at their industries, supply chains, communities and geographic regions.

Strategic investment projects are only as sustainable, and resilient to risk, as the commercial and social relationships that support them. Consequently, we work to strengthen client relationships with all concerned stakeholders, including: investors, bankers, community leaders, joint venture partners, public institutions – local, national and international.

We offer a range of services, including expert legal advice, rapid risk diagnostics, risk assessment, support for business governance, business continuity plans, social and human rights due diligence, training and business consulting.